Warren-Tricomi – The Ultimate Experience in Luxury Beauty Care
New York, NY / Greenwich CT, January 30 – 31, 2017

AETHERN® has been introduced at Warren-Tricomi, renowned for both superior pampering and subtle sophistication in luxury beauty care, in the prestigious location of The Plaza Hotel, New York, NY, and at the salon located in Greenwich, CT

The Plaza – New York

The Warren-Tricomi Salon, located in the The Plaza Hotel continues to stun the fashion industry through trendsetting style and artistry inspired by founders Joel Warren and Edward Tricomi.

Rated the best hair salon in NYC, clients indulge in the ultimate experience in luxury hair care as they are instantly enveloped in the ultra chic ambiance of the salon and then transformed by the industry’s leading hair stylists, colorists, and make up artists.

Today the thriving empire features eight US salons and one in Tokyo, Japan, each designed uniquely to fit its geographic location with a modern twist.

For inquiries: warrentricomi.com

Master stylist Edward Tricomi is an authority in the world of hair.

His unrivaled expertise sets trends and has defined beauty across the globe, make the Warren-Tricomi Salons a one-stop beauty destination in midtown Manhattan.

Moreover, as the grandson of a fashion designer, he was always surrounded and inspired by the world of fashion.

Edward Tricomi – Warren-Tricomi
Warren-Tricomi @ The Plaza – New York

Warren-Tricomi Salon – The Plaza, New York, NY

During the presentation with the participation of Edward Tricomi, has been exemplified the benefits of the nutritional supplement AETHERN® Advanced Skin Beauty Program, observing that an oral intake of silicon contained in its complex formula over several weeks gave significant positive results for the surface of the skin and an improvement in the fragility of hair and nails.

Edward Tricomi – Warren-Tricomi @ The Plaza – New York

Edward Tricomi – Warren-Tricomi Salon Founder at Warren-Tricomi Salon – The Plaza, New York, NY

Warren-Tricomi @ The Plaza – New York

Paul T. Vella – AETHERN® Partner, Warren-Tricomi Salon Team – The Plaza, New York, NY

Warren-Tricomi @ The Plaza – New York

Warren-Tricomi Salon Team – The Plaza, New York, NY

AETHERN® Advanced Skin Beauty Program was introduced at the prestigious Warren-Tricomi Salon located in Greenwich, CT

Warren-Tricomi @ Greenwich

Warren-Tricomi Salon – Greenwich, CT