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“You need to drink AETHERN®. Simply.”

Abili Falcó i Buixeda, Founder

The founder of AETHERN®, Abili Falcó i Buixeda, was born in the Mediterranean seaside town of Roses, not far from the French border. It’s close to Figueres, the hometown of surrealist Salvador Dalí. Roses is also home to the restaurant of world renowned chef Ferran Adrià. Adrià is associated with “molecular gastronomy” although he likes to refer his cooking as deconstructivist: “Taking a dish that is well known and transforming all its ingredients.”

And with AETHERN®, Abili has taken inspiration from his countrymen… drawing upon art and imagination, like a great painter, and synthesizing that creativity with the brilliant gastronomic technique of a great chef. AETHERN®’s is transforming all its ingredients with its formulation, to create a skin care program that is about beauty from within, advanced nutrition feeding the skin what it needs to thrive, merging beauty with science.

After a successful career as CEO of Spain’s largest food distribution company, with an emphasis on quality first, Abili became fascinated with the possibility of creating the next generation of food supplements – one that eliminated the traditional, difficult chore of consuming multiple pills on a daily basis. As a result, BiorganicPharma, S.L. was born, with the artful, science-based notion to take food supplementation to an extraordinary new level: producing unique liquid formulas that can be consumed with convenience, taste and – most of all – great results.

Indeed, AETHERN® is a company committed to contributing to the wellbeing of people and Nature, developing innovative solutions and using natural ingredients.

AETHERN® Beauty from Within

BoP-USA, Inc. is a subsidiary of BiorganicPharma, S.L, a European company from Barcelona, Spain with strong expertise in Natural Supplements. The team in Barcelona includes specialists in the fields of Nutrition, Organic Chemistry, Pharmacy, and Biotechnology focused on finding optimal health solutions.


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