Abili Falcó i Buixeda – AETHERN® CEO
Blending Beauty With Nutritional Science: Meet AETHERN® Founder, Abili Falcó i Buixeda
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After a successful career as CEO of Spain’s largest food distribution company, Abili Falcó i Buixeda became fascinated with the possibilities of applying nutritional science and ‘molecular gastronomy’ to the universal pursuit of maintaining healthy, radiant skin.

As a result, Barcelona-based BiorganicPharma, S.L. was born with the artful, science-based notion to create a skin care program that would provide the vital micronutrients needed to feed and nourish healthy, thriving skin.

We recently spoke to Abili about his AETHERN® ‘Beauty from within’ project and the potential impact advanced nutritional supplementation could have on skincare, beauty and the medical aesthetics industry.

Abili Falcó i Buixeda – AETHERN® CEO

How did you find your calling in aesthetics?

I have devoted my entire professional life to the food industry. During all these years I have learned the diversity and benefits derived from natural foods for health and wellbeing, which is why I fell in love with the food supplements world. This is the only way to profit from all of the important health benefits from natural foods without having to load up on fruits and vegetables, which is an impossible mission.

Five years ago, I discovered the incredible link between health and beauty, especially for the skin and this marked the birth of my AETHERN® project. My team of researchers and PhD scientists has worked very hard to create our unique formula, and it is my new baby.

I am passionate about the future of food supplements in the aesthetic industry. I see this as a market with tremendous potential and exciting developments that will revolutionize the way people can maintain their skin both pre and post clinical treatments.

What’s been the most important thing you’ve done to elevate your career?

My constant personal development has been based on my tireless curiosity, my values, my education and my perseverance. With a high level of self-demand and common sense, I am constantly pushing myself and very much enjoy learning from others. I feel fortunate to have assembled a terrific team of chemists, physicians, marketers and experts in the global beauty industry.

What are the primary services/products you specialize in today?

We have an expanding portfolio of food supplements for health and beauty that are sold around the world. I am especially proud of our newest innovation; AETHERN® Advanced Skin Beauty Program.

AETHERN® Advanced Skin Beauty Program

This is a truly remarkable drinkable anti-aging blend of vitamins and nutrients that we developed for the global aesthetic market. Our concept is to promote Beauty from within.

What are you most excited about right now?

As a team we are most excited to be able to introduce AETHERN® to dermatologists, aestheticians and skin care professionals in the USA, and to demonstrate the exceptional results that can be achieved from AETHERN® for healthy, radiant, and firm skin. At present, we have a rigorous clinical trial underway to gather additional data on the results that can be achieved with AETHERN®. We look forward to sharing this data with the industry very soon.