Auto-Replenishment Subscription

To summarize briefly, here’s how it works: you pick the products for your first order and get your first shipment delivered to you.
What are the benefits of Auto-Replenishment?
You save time. This will allow you to follow your 4-week program forgetting about the concern of order the product for next 4 weeks again and on time.
Do I get free shipping with Auto-Replenishment?
Yes, you do if your shipping address is in the United States, Canada or Mexico.
How do I make changes to my Auto-Replenishment subscriptions?
It’s simple. You just log in to your account. In the dashboard click on the “Subscription” option to view your subscriptions, status and the next payment date. Once you’re on your subscription management page, you can click on “View” and identify what you want to do ("Cancel", "Change Address" or "Change Payment" method).
Can I place a One-Time Purchase and an Auto-Replenishment purchase in the same order?
Yes, you can.
Are there any hidden subscription fees?
What happens if I don’t update the products for my next shipment?
We’ll just send you the products from your previous shipment.
When can I expect to receive my recurring shipments?
You can expect to receive your recurring shipments before 4 weeks after you receive your previous one.
Can I cancel whenever I want? Do you have a cancellation policy on Auto-Replenishment subscriptions?
Yes, but you will to cancel the subscription at least 1 week before the next shipment. You can check your next payment date in to your account.